The Fence – developed by Geoff Thompson, a revered technique in real life defense involving keeping your hands in front of you in a non threatening manner so as to protect yourself if a situation escalates but without provoking violence.  Your feet are in a stance of balance and remain in balance no matter what direction you turn to. Here is a short video from Geoff Thompson’s Fence.

OODA loop – a decision making model developed by US Air Force Colonel John Boyd.  It is also known as the OODA cycle or Boyd’s loop.  It consists of 4 stages:


  1. Observe – to know what is happening through any of your five senses, not just sight.
  2. Orientate -to understand the meaning of what you observed as well as to study the scene.
  3. Decide – weighing the options available and picking one.
  4. Act – carrying out the decision.



2nd position = standing.
4th position = feet and knees.
6th position = hands, feet and knees.
Zero position = laying face down on floor.

Retzev – Hebrew;  translates to “continuous motion.” In our use, we translate it to “Continuous Attack.” Attack until the threat is extinguished AND in zero position.