“Urban Krav Maga is an extremely worthwhile option for anyone seeking to improve their physical fitness, sense of self confidence, and the ability to defend oneself or their families. In my opinion, the value of the UKM course of training is found in three aspects of class instruction. The training of the self defense technique is paramount. But there is also an emphasis on physical fitness and developing agility. The physical aspect is addressed at the start of each class, with an organized period of drills prior to the scheduled technique instruction. In addition, there are frequent in – class opportunities when Mr. Lacy discusses the realities of the urban environment and takes the time to inform students of the ramifications of their training.  He talks of the necessity of employing a mature and thoughtful approach to accumulated Urban Krav Maga skills, while students live their lives daily in a complex modern world. For anyone interested in both improving their self defense ability, and achieving then staying in good physical condition, I strongly recommend Urban Krav Maga training.”

James K.
Lt. Colonel, USMC (ret.)


“Urban Krav Maga is an excellent self-defense system engineered to be effective against realistic threats encountered during modern life. Mr. Lacy is incredibly knowledgeable and his emphasis on technique over strength makes this a practical style for anyone regardless of background. Both Mr. Lacy and his assistants are dedicated to providing their students the mental and physical training necessary to stay safe and healthy.”

Michael S.
Army Specialist (ret.)
Iraq War Veteran
(2) Deployments.



“In all my years practicing the martial arts, I must admit, I’ve learned more practical applications or ‘real world’ applications in the past seven months. I have used Urban Krav Maga about a half a dozen times now, on the job. And I can guarantee it has saved my ass more than once, and that my friend is due to you. I’m learning more then I ever thought I would. I would rate UKM as the most practical forms out there. And you one of the best combat (armed or unarmed) instructors. The way you present the material allows someone to be able to leave the dojo ready to defend themselves (or others) if need be. I’m so very glad I found you and UKM.

Brad G.
Madison Police Officer


“Mr. John Lacy has introduced me to a world of discipline and self confidence that has only added to the foundation that my 2o year career in Federal Law Enforcement has given me. John is a patient, knowledgeable, and motivational instructor that truly enjoys what he does and encourages the entire UKM class to perform to the best of their abilities. If you’re looking for a cardio-kickboxing class, keep looking because Urban Krav Maga is not the place for you. If you’re looking for a system that gets you in great shape and provides you with the physical and mental tools to keep you and your family safe, then please give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

Jack L.
Federal Officer


Great to see John’s website up and running. If you have the chance to train with John you should do so: he is a fine martial artist and just as importantly a fine man. I don’t say “just as importantly” lightly: I’ve seen many teachers over the years and for some it’s more important for them to look good than help students achieve the best standard that they can. This will never be an issue for John Lacy’s students – his patience, engaging teaching methods and desire to do the best he can for his people render his classes up their with the best. Again, I don’t say this lightly; I don’t give such endorsements very often but have no hesitation in so doing for a teacher of John’s integrity and ability.

Stewart McGill
Chief Instructor, United Kingdom


In my opinion UKM is one of the best styles to train with because it includes techniques and tactics , weapon defenses, and it works in all types of situations and against various attackers for civilians as well as LEO’s {Law Enforcement Officers}. I believe UKM is the most complete system you can find. John is an excellent instructor who checks any ego he may have at the door, resulting in a safe, disciplined training environment.

George M.
UKM Student, Deputy Sheriff, Tactical Officer (SWAT)


“I became interested in Krav Maga as a college student. I was drawn to Urban Krav Maga (UKM) for multiple reasons. It is a no nonsense reality-based martial art. The techniques are straightforward and highly effective. Physical fitness is also a key aspect to the UKM training regimen. UKM teaches its students to prevail. John Lacy is a professional, highly motivated instructor. His experience, knowledge, and passion of the subject of personal self defense and protection of others through its instruction is both noble and genuine. In all frankness and humor, I am scared of the man. I am honored to be his student.”

Mike W.
UKM Student


“Not only has UKM changed my perspective on safety and what self defense has meant to me, but it is one dynamic workout! I used to believe that bad things only happen to other people but after tragedy struck my family, I know that that is not the case. I experienced panic attacks following this tragedy while I was still recovering from the birth of my third child. I was in a fragile state and I was out of shape. Working with John Lacy has turned my whole mental and physical well being 180 degrees. His particular style of teaching and degree of expertise and professionalism are a trademark of a true craftsman to this martial art.

UKM is an ever evolving martial art that does not need any degree black belt or previous experience. I was never an athlete; however, once I realized the potential of this program, my goal was and continues to be to strive to become one. I honestly believe that UKM should be required for all women as part of their high school curriculum as it is a healthy workout and a basis for personal protection. Something college coeds all need when they are alone on campus. Feminism aside, a woman is not safe no matter where she lives or how old she is. Knowing what to do in a confrontation is powerful. Having the ability to defend yourself and go home alive is priceless.”

Abby W.
UKM Student


“My name is Matthew Dyck and I have over 22 years of combined training and teaching experience in the combative arts and personal protection. I am a certified instructor in Jeet Kune Do/Kali Concepts. I hold instructor certifications under the Hanol Kuk Moo Ye Federation, and World Total Martial Arts Systems. In addition, I am a certified strength and conditioning coach.

Over the years I have been very fortunate to train with and learn from some of whom I deem to be the very best in their fields from Martial Arts, Military Special Forces, Law Enforcement, Security, Fitness, and Personal Development. One of those individuals that I have been blessed enough to know, is John Lacy.

Since meeting and developing a friendship with John, I have grown daily in admiration of his love for humanity, his sense of fairness and ethics, his sincere dedication to his family & students, his ever increasing thirst for knowledge and personal betterment, and his expertise in martial philosophies.

John has developed himself immensely over the years in the path of personal protection, doing so in a manner, vigilant, to appose selfish interests, in favor of rendering greater service to others.

John offers his knowledge and skills in a joyful manner. His sense of direction in the arts is highly praise worthy, providing only what he personally believes does not over step bounds of dignity, ethics and integrity. In addition, John’s comprehension, skill and expertise in the arts are unquestionable.

In a time when any jackass with money can grace the front cover of Blackbelt magazine, it’s good to know that a class act like John, with REAL experience, credentials, and integrity is teaching REAL skills that one day could save your life!”

Matthew Dyck
Combat Instructor
Canadian Combat Association


“Urban Krav Maga has gotten me back into being fit, has resurrected my fighting spirit, and has me in the best shape I’ve been in years. Not bad for a 60 yr. old with two bad legs from a severe auto-mobile accident in 1979. You even have me running, more than I have since 1979. I enjoy the instruction, the camraderie, and the effectiveness of the techniques. Although I hope to never have to use them. I’m considering of going into missionary work as a physician once I retire. It may be that some day I may have to defend myself. I feel good about the tools I now have to do so.”

Rod M.
Medical Doctor


“[…]as a female in the armed forces, and particularly the RMP, I deal quite regularly with male soldiers. Sometimes, during the course of duty individuals can become quite aggressive. We are taught CQC with Aikido style grips, holds and take downs, and how to take control physically of various situations but being familiarised with Urban Krav Maga was extremely insightful. The moves are extremely easy and seem natural and it was a really good work out too[…]”

Female SNCO Royal Military Police


“I have a fair amount of martial arts experience and have boxed for many years. I was surprised firstly how simple the moves are with Urban Krav Maga and that they have great effect once executed. Secondly, the instructor was extremely professional and helpful which inspires you to work hard and take everything on board. It certainly is a system that could be utilized to great effect during close protection work and when dealing with aggressive “pumped up” individuals, particularly in hostile environments / theaters[…]”

Male SNCO British Army