Instructor John Lacy

johnlacy Mr. John Lacy is a257183057001_307607252001_1060_00011 highly trained Urban Krav Maga Senior Instructor. He has been trained in several Isreali Fighting Systems. Several of Mr. Lacy’s former instructors are currently or are retired from the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). His experience brings him from the early 1980’s where he was first exposed to Krav Maga. His experiences over the years also includes Judo, Ju Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing. Mr. Lacy teaches public classes, seminars, workshops and private lessons. His beliefs are to keep his students up to date with the proper techniques which are easy to learn using the bodies gross motor movements. He has been fortunate to have trained with some of the best KM Instructors Worldwide, (some can be named-some cannot), D Levine, H. Gidon,  A. Perets, also including his good friend, Mr. Stewart McGill (Chief Instructor Urban Krav Maga). He instills in his students a simple thought: Be Aware, Train hard, Stay Safe, Survive!