The Urban Krav Maga Annual Self Defense Symposium

Urban Krav Maga America


The UKM America Annual Self Defense Symposium

How to Defend Against

~The Ten Most Common Street Attacks~ with UKM Founder/Chief Instructor Stewart McGill and John Lacy Senior UKM Instructor In the United States. Mr. McGill and Mr. Lacy will host a seminar about Urban Krav Maga, a reality based self defense system.

Attendees will learn how to defend against the Ten Most Common Street Attacks in our society to date. Including the psychology of an attack (OODA Loop), empty hand combatives (reactive and pre-emptive), ground defense, weapons defense.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

12:00pm to 6:30pm

Located at Black Belt America

6107 Odana Rd. in Madison, WI

The cost of the entire day is Pre-register $100.00Day of event $125.00

per person. 17 yrs. old and under please call (608) 575-6898

Students are encouraged to sign up ASAP.

Signup can be done via emailing or at Class on Tuesday’s. Students are also encouraged to bring a guest.

There will be merchandise for sale. (t-shirts, rash guards, gloves, DVD’s).

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